Guards ‘murder’ schizophrenic inmate at Clinton Prison

New York, Dec. 14 (ANI): Inmates who have served time at the Clinton Correctional Facility have described how a schizophrenic prisoner was beaten to death after he got into an argument with guards.

According to New York Times, guards got away with murder, saying they acted only in self-defense and did what was necessary to subdue an out-of-control prisoner Leonard Strickland.

Many prisoners said that they were taken aside by a sergeant soon after they arrived and given a warning that if they crossed the guards, bad things would happen.

In a security video obtained by The New York Times, Strickland is seen handcuffed and being dragged along the floor by officers, while a prison nurse standing close by only looks on.

Strickland’s death was only briefly noted in local newspapers, and probably would have been forgotten.

State officials have said they are investigating the abuse claims, but there is hardly any sign that it will be beneficial. (ANI)

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