‘Gudiya’: Documentary on human trafficking in Banaras

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Mumbai, July 21 (IANS) To bring forth the sensitive issue of human trafficking and sexual slavery in Banaras, Aniket Tari and Joyna Mukherjee have co-directed a documentary titled “Gudiya” which showcases the stories of three women rescued by NGO Guria.

“Gudiya” — released by Culture Machine on its digital channel for women Blush — recounts horrifying experiences of the three victims, who reveal their stories of how they were abducted either by trusted friends or at gunpoint and were gang raped and tortured into submission.

“We hear about trafficking and we immediately look away. It’s time we stop doing that. You never know how you can save a life with the tiniest bit of intervention. That’s exactly why ‘Gudiya’ had to be made,” Tari, co-director, Blush Originals, said in a statement.

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Mukherjee said: “Directing this video was an overwhelming experience for us. The stories narrated by young girls who were trafficked at an age as young as six-months-old made us furious. We believe we’ve failed as a society.

“The fact that it’s the 21st century and we’re still dealing with basic human rights is appalling. All I can say is that this video is a reflection of our anger and even if it stirs one soul, our job here is done.”

Guria is run by Ajeet and Manju in Banaras.



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