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Guess the one thing Rihanna is bad at doing!

Los Angeles, Nov 20 (IANS) Comedian Seth Meyers has revealed the one thing that singer Rihanna is “bad” at doing.

On Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, Meyers confirmed this fact while gushing about the time when he and the singer were day-drinking together, reports

Host Fallon asked of the star: “Is there one thing that she doesn’t do well?”

According to Meyers, there is. He explained: “She, at one point, took my phone and took a bunch of pictures while we were day-drinking. And then, when I went through them and looked at them, I’m like, ‘Rihanna’s bad at taking pictures.'”

Fallon, providing the receipts, then held up one of the photos taken by the singer, and it turned out to be low-quality, but in a hilarious, clearly ‘a drunk person took this’ kind of way. The photo was blurry and showed the comedian looking off at something with a big smile on his face.

Speaking of that drunk selfie, Meyers quipped: “I think that’s actually called the Rihanna filter. Yeah, they just put Rihanna in a picture, and then you look happy.”




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