Guess who has 11% support to replace NDP’s Tom Mulcair?

Toronto, April 22 (CINEWS): In an internal NDP survey held on April 15-16 suggests that 26 per cent of them are still undecided and Ontario’s Jagmeet Singh, currently the party’s deputy leader, enjoyed 11 per cent support. Butjagmeet_apr22 as of now, it is clear that he hasn’t made any decision yet about ditching provincial politics in favor of a federal role. But there is every indication that Jagmeet Singh isn’t averse to the idea of transitioning to the federal level.
As things stand Nathan Cullen, who represents a B.C. riding has 17 per cent of his party’s support and a slew of other names have also come up. But it is may be a while before a leader is found given the magnitude of the task of re-building the party.

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