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Guillermo del Toro-inspired monsters to ‘haunt’ suite

Mexico City, Sep 13 (IANS) Monsters, skulls and a creepy Victorian-steampunk atmosphere inspired by Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s are to be recreated inside a suite where fans can spend a night and feel like characters in his acclaimed horror movies.

The dimly-lit Monster Suite will be installed at the Museum of the Arts University of Guadalajara (MUSA) in Mexico as part of the “At Home With Monsters” exhibition until October 31, reports Efe news.

The idea is that guests will enter the mind of the Academy Award-winning director whose career has moved from cinema to comics and video games, said Alvaro Barriga, creative designer of the room which will be open from October 3-5.

“We’re fans of Guillermo del Toro and in the same way we could imagine what his mind would be like, and from there we focus on the two genres he uses in his films, Victorian and steampunk,” he said.

Barriga is part of a team of more than 30 designers, architects and set designers who for months generated ideas and searched for the most suitable elements for the room.

The room was created in a nearby house and will be dismantled and moved this weekend to MUSA, where it will remain for a few days.

From the small foyer that leads to the room, guests will enter an atmosphere of mystery and suspense. An old doll and hands coming out of the walls greet visitors into the space in which imagination, cinema and art meet.

The designers paid attention to every detail of the space, from burgundy and black colours that give a gloomy feeling to the shower details reminiscent of Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory flasks.

Beside the mirror on the dresser there is an antique clock, a bottle with a bloody hand inside, a bronze diving helmet and a mandrake plant similar to that which del Toro created for “Pan’s Labyrinth” (2006).

Old photos, skulls, pictures with strange figures hang around the room, and a replica of the laboratory capsule in which the creature of the film “The Shape of Water” (2017) was enclosed stands upright against a wall.

Suspenseful music plays an important role in setting the scene related to the films and the universe of del Toro.

The reservation period for the Monster Suite will be open from September 18-20, said Alfredo Arco of in Mexico, which is marketing the concept.

The suite can accommodate two people and has all the services of a first-class hotel room, as well as a private tour of the exhibition at MUSA.

The cost of the room per day is 3,000 pesos ($150) and it can only be booked for one night.




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