Guilty hospitals won’t be spared, says Kejriwal

New Delhi, Sept, 15 (ANI): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday warned hospitals in the National Capital Region (NCR), saying that they would face strict action if they refused to admit the dengue patients.

“Hospitals which refuse healthcare to dengue patients won’t be spared. Some private hospitals have sent back patients because they wanted to make a profit. The government will take strict action against them,” Kejriwal told reporters here.

“We are arranging extra beds in hospitals and in spaces near the hospital where patients can be treated,” he added.

Kejriwal further said his government was mulling over a decision to cancel the licenses of defaulter hospitals, but refrained from it, because it would lessen the number of available hospitals

“We might hold a special assembly session to introduce a law wherein hospitals which refuse healthcare to patients can be punished,” he added.

Kejriwal said the government is considering a proposal to take over the private hospitals in case of an emergency.

“We are putting more beds in the hospitals. New doctors will be recruited on a large scale to control the situation,” he added.

Kejriwal who undertook surprise visits of some of the hospital to assess the situation of the patients.

“A child last week died due to dengue. The parents of the child took him to several hospitals but they turned him away. As a result the child died and the parents committed suicide. If the hospitals had admitted that child, what could have happened? Would their profit margin have dipped very low, or their turnover would have taken a hit?” he asked.

As per an August 28 advisory, of the Delhi Government’s health department has instructed all the hospitals private or government not to deny admission to a patient suffering from dengue.

Also, with the increase in instances of dengue cases, the Delhi government has also ordered all government hospitals to open ‘Fever Clinics’ at their premises to detect the disease at the preliminary stage.

As per the New Delhi Municipal Corporation’s (NDMC) fresh data released yesterday, 613 cases of dengue have been reported during the last one week, and a total 1,872 patients have tested positive for the vector borne disease till September 12. (ANI)

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