Gulshan Grover supports ‘cinema with purpose’

Sabrina Almeida spoke with the acclaimed Bollywood actor about “Kaun Kitney Paani Mein,” an entertaining film with a deeper message on the importance of water conservation.

A still from “Kaun Kitney Paani Mein”

Mississauga, September 11 (CINEWS): “Kaun Kitney Paani Mein” is really special, says Gulshan Grover of his new film. When there is a foundation involved people feel that the film will be preachy but this is truly entertaining, engrossing and dramatic. With some brilliant performances with some of the best actors. Here are excerpts of the interview with Can India in which the actor explains the concept of cinema with purpose and why its success is so important.

How did you come to be associated with this film?
I have worked with the director Nila Madhab Panda before and have tremendous faith in his ability. He approached me with the script and told me that he was going to make the film with the participation of ONE DROP Foundation (based out of Canada) which works for water preservation and sanitation. When I heard the story and my role I was very charged and agreed to do the film. The greatest danger in a film with a message is that if there is even one scene that is preachy or boring people are not going to like it. But Madhab has done a brilliant job!

What so special about “Kaun Kitney Paani Mein”?
I’m happy I did this film because everybody, myself included, is not taking this water problem seriously. I saw a glimpse of it in Beverley Hills where all grass had become yellow and there was a sign saying that the city has turned the water supply off because of drought. If a wealthy city can’t deal with water shortage imagine what will happen in years to come if we do not understand the value of preserving water. This film is a noble entertaining enterprise. I personally salute and appreciate the work being done by ONE DROP.

What is the expectation from the film’s audience?
They should come and enjoy the romance, performances and songs (like ‘Rangabati’ which has become a super hit) like a normal film. But when you step out you will realize that there is a deeper message. No one is preaching in the film, but it will convey a message. We are also very confident that the international audience will love the film.

Why is it important for ‘cinema with a purpose’ to succeed?
If this film becomes successful many more foundations and NGOs that are interested in spreading a message will come forward and make those films. “I am Kalam” (on child labour and education) was made three years ago. There wasn’t any other opportunity after that otherwise Madhab would have made another film. That’s why cinema with purpose requires larger success.

What’s your personal equation with Canada?
I love Canada, it’s beautiful and clean. The people are so fantastic. Their love for our movies and my work is something that really makes me very happy. The affection continually happens.
I’ve come to Canada many times. Initially to perform in live shows, then to Toronto for the ‘Khiladi’ films. The last time I came to shoot for “Beeba Boys” and now I have come to talk about “Kaun Kitne Paani Mein”.

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