Gurbani Samagam depicts communal harmony

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New Delhi, Mar. 23 (ANI): India is a country where the people of different faiths have coexisted in harmony for centuries. Recently, New Delhi hosted a three-day long ‘Gurbani Samagam’, a spiritual music festival which brought two faiths together.

The event witnessed the participation of both Sikh and Muslim communities and painted a picture of religious harmony.

“Gurbani sends across the message that the universe is one whole and that all humans are one, the children of God. No one is good or bad. Gurbani does not discriminate between castes and communities, it is above all biases. It advises the people to stay in harmony and brotherhood and spread peace in the world. We also wish to send this message of peace to everyone through Gurbani,” said Bhai Davender Singh, singer, Gurbani Samagam.

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Gurbani refers to the holy scriptures in Sikhism or the word of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, their primary religious text. It is believed Gurbani is a source of truth through which all internal filth and sins get eradicated. It is not restricted only to the Sikhs.

The audience enjoyed the serenity and positivity that emanated from the musical notes performed by the artistes.

“We have been participating in this event for the past two years, as it spreads the message of communal harmony. Truth is not limited to one person, it belongs to everyone. We would like to send the message that irrespective of the religion, region or language of a person, the prime truth is for everyone,” said Muhammad Iqbal, a singer from Patiala.

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The Sikh tradition of Gurbani helps to bring people of all faiths under one roof and celebrate oneness. (ANI)

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