Gurgaon residents too want odd-even scheme: Survey

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Gurgaon, Jan 15 (IANS) After a fortnight of odd-even scheme on Delhi’s roads, a majority of Gurgaon residents said the scheme was effectively implemented and must be brought to Gurgaon as well so there can be less traffic on roads, a survey said on Friday.

In this survey by LocalCircles, a citizen engagement platform, 51 percent of the total 1,733 survey participants also said that there was visibly less traffic on Delhi roads during the first 14 days of the rule and that an odd-even rule should also be implemented in Gurgaon as well.

Those who did not want the scheme to be implemented in Gurgaon was a sizeable figure of 49 percent.

“Based on poll results, it can be interpreted that while citizens believe that the Delhi government met their expectations on the implementation front, the clear impact on reduction in pollution is yet to be determined,” a statement from LocalCircles said.

While citizen responses suggest that only limited impact on the pollution front has been visible so far, citizens are happy that there were less traffic jams on the roads of Delhi, the statement added.

This scheme, whose aim was to curb pollution, won many people’s support for the reason that it also contributed to lesser traffic to Delhi’s congested roads.

A total of 1,641 voters gave their responses to a question on implementation, and 50 percent of them felt the odd-even scheme was implemented effectively in Delhi.

On the other hand, a considerable 43 percent said the scheme in Delhi was not implemented effectively.

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