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Gurinder Chadha raves about Huma Qureshi’s ‘Leila’

London, June 23 (IANS) Filmmaker Gurinder Chadha is yet to watch Huma Qureshi’s “Leila”, but says she has heard great things about it and wants to catch up on it soon. In fact, Chadha’s friends are rallying support for getting second part of the series.

“Having lunch with friends who are raving about your programme ‘Leila’. Dear Huma, they loved it and want a sequel! Congratulations. I need to watch it,” Chadha posted on Twitter on Saturday.

“Been a bit busy,” she said explaining the reason behind not finding time to watch the Netflix series.

Elated by Chadha’s views, Huma responded: “OMG! This means everything. Lots of love always. GC says we need a Season 2. Deepa Mehta, Netflix India anyone listening?”

Based on Prayaag Akbar’s 2017 novel of the same name, “Leila” showcases the fight of Huma’s character Shalini for her lost daughter amidst undesirable situations and frightening experiences in the fictional world of Aryavarta.

The gritty six-episode series also delves into issues of authoritarian rule, class and religious divide, and environment crisis.

Talking about the show, Huma had told IANS, “It has been a gratifying journey for me. I had never played such a strong character before this. With this character, I have pushed myself as an artiste. I really had to go deep into the story.

“Playing a mother on screen was quite difficult because it was not only about being a mother, but more about inheriting the qualities of Shalini who fights evils to find her daughter. Shalini demanded strong emotions and to portray them correctly, I had to prepare a lot.”




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