Guru Granth Sahib Desecration: Sikh US Congressional Caucus writes to Kerry

By Ravinder Singh Robin

San Francisco, Oct. 30 (ANI): Taking strong exception to “desecration” of the Guru Granth Sahib in India, The US Sikh Congressional Caucus has taken up the matter with the US Administration.

In a ‘letter of concern’ to US Secretary of State John F Kerry on Friday, the caucus expressed its deep concerns over the desecration of the Holy Scripture, and the subsequent violence to cull the protests in Punjab.

The letter, which was signed by US Congress men Patrick Meehan and Johan Geramandi, stated: “In the month of June, the Guru Granth Sahib was stolen from a gurdwara at Burj Jawahar Singh Wala in northern Indian state of Punjab. The ‘saroop’ of the Granth is still not found, and it was discovered that 20 pages had been torn from the sacred scriptures on October 12. This desecration prompted hundreds of peaceful Sikh protesters to take to the street to demand action. Two demonstrators were killed when police opened fire at a crowd of protesters.”

American Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee president J.S. Hothi and coordinator Pritpal Singh have welcomed the caucus’ notice on the issue.

Harpreet Singh Sandhu from the Friends of the US Sikh Congressional Caucus also thanked the cacus leaders for expressing their deep concern over the issue.

The Caucus leader wrote to Secretary Kerry that top police officials in India said an investigation had been opened into the killing of these protesters. “On behalf of the larger American Sikh population in our districts and around the country, we are greatly concerned at these events. The Constitutions of both India and the United States guarantee citizens the right to assemble and the right to free speech. We believe the sacred scriptures of all religions should be respected,” they observed.

They also sought from the US to be an advocate for religious freedom and the ability of those in India and around the world to practice their religion free from violence. (ANI)

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