Gwyneth Paltrow is godmother to pal Ryan Murphy`s son

Washington D.C., Oct. 10(ANI): Not only Gwyneth Paltrow is Ryan Murphy’s good friend, but she is also the godmother of his surrogate son Ford.

While presenting the 43-year-old actress with a Lifetime Impact Award for her work with L.A. Kitchen, Murphy said that when Ford was born he sat down and made a list of qualities he would like his godmother to have, reports E! Online.

The 49-year-old screen writer further said that he wanted her to be kind and compassionate, spiritual, funny, basically a balm to soothe in this dark and cynical world, adding that it was also important to him that his child’s godmother has a best actress Oscar.

Murphy continued that that was the reason he called the ‘Iron Man’ star and when she said yes, it was a blessing for his family. (ANI)

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