Hamid Karzai poses threat to Afghanistan’s political stability, claim observers

London, July 14 (ANI): Even as the Iran nuclear talks have dragged on beyond yet another deadline into Tuesday, Tehran’s presidential office slipped up with a ‘premature’ tweet welcoming a nuclear deal, which is yet to take shape.

President Hassan Rouhani posted on Twitter: “#IranDeal is the victory of diplomacy & mutual respect over the outdated paradigm of exclusion & coercion. And this is a good beginning.”

This tweet was later deleted and reposted with the word ‘if’ at the beginning, in a bid to avoid any speculation over the fate of the much-awaited deal, reported The Guardian.

Negotiators had initially planned to finalise the deal by Monday midnight but the talks extended well into Tuesday, violating the fourth deadline in two weeks.

Diplomats said that some key differences over a new UN Security Council resolution incorporating the expected agreement, which was thought to have been resolved earlier, were still obstacles in the way of a final agreement.

Under the settlement, Iran would be subject to restrictions and surveillance over its nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief. (ANI)

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