Hanut Singh goes ‘timeless’ with new collection

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Mumbai, Feb 25 (IANS) Internationally acclaimed Indian jewellery designer Hanut Singh, who has clients like Beyoncé Knowles, Madonna and Christian Louboutin, says his latest collection ‘Future of the Future’ spreads the message that jewels are timeless and can be passed on for generations.

Singh is showcasing his latest collection at the high fashion multi-designer store Bungalow 8 here. His designs are on display since Tuesday, and will be up till Thursday.

“My association with Bungalow 8 is extremely special. I love their aesthetic and the way they are moving forward. I’m excited about showcasing my collection ‘Future of the Future’.

“My body of work will always be a part of the future – something that can be passed on. I feel jewels and jewellery is timeless. It’s not seasonal,” Hanut told IANS.

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His new collection is based on architecture, movement and vivid nature – the three themes flow through his work.

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