`Happy` Amber Rose doesn`t care what anyone thinks of her

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Johannesburg, Feb. 1(ANI): Amber Rose has found the perfect key to happiness and it happens to be not worrying about what anyone else thinks of you.

The 32-year-old songstress, who was previously in news because of a Twitter rant going on between her former husband Wiz Khalifa and rapper Kanye West, has now written an op-ed for Time magazine, reports News24.com.

In the article, Rose insists that she is much more content in life now that she doesn’t take any notice of anybody’s opinions of her.

She wrote: “After my ex-husband Wiz Khalifa and I got a divorce, I’d go out for a date at a restaurant like any normal single human and people would say, “Man, she’s such a ho. She’s out at restaurants with guys.” Then they would see my ex-husband with a bunch of women. They would say, “He’s the man! That’s so cool.” So when I went on a date, I’m a whore, and when he’s piling girls in a car, he’s the man? There’s something wrong here.”

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Rose revealed that not only men, but women also talked such things about her because of which she was getting torn down constantly. But, now she has stopped caring.

She added after doing this she sleeps like a baby at night because she has realised that if a person cares too much he is not living at his full potential and by not caring she has got a sense of freedom. (ANI)

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