Haryana man declared free of AIDS by Guwahati-based doctor

Guwahati, July 16 (ANI): Guwahati-based medical practioner Dr. Dhaniram Baruah, has claimed that he has cured a middle-aged man from Haryana of AIDS with the help of genetic engineering research.

Dr. Baruah said that he has been involved with genetic engineering for the past two decades, and has acquired the tools to treat HIV-AIDS.

Vijender Singh, the middle aged man from Haryana, who had tested positive for AIDS, is now claiming that he is completely cured.

At a press conference here on Wednesday, Dr.Baruah, presented Vijender Singh in front of the press, and also launched a two-volume book that he has authored on the subject of AIDS.

The book is titled ” Reaching the Unreachable with Baruah Combat Genes”.

Sharing his experience, Vijendra singh said that some seven years back he had somehow got to know about Dr. Baruah and contacted him for his AIDS treatment.

He said that he was given only five injections for cure from the disease.

Professionally an autoricksaw driver, Singh had undergone a medical test in Rohtak, where he was found to be HIV positive and was unable to get up from his bed while being treated by Dr.Baruah. But now, his medical reports have shown that he no longer suffers from the disease.

Dr. Baruah said there are enough awareness programmes about HIV-AIDS as also precautionary measures, but no proof of giving relief.

Dr. Baruah said that the treatment has been found and the cure lies in his medicine which he has named as “BARUAH COMBAT GENES”, which is prepared from herbs. (ANI)

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