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Hazel McCallion stands by Don Cherry’s comments

It takes courage to voice support for things former hockey commentator Don Cherry said about immigrants in 2019. His many friends have either chosen deafening silence or have excoriated him like Mississauga’s Mayor Bonnie Crombie who lost no time in voicing her disapproval. However, former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion who isn’t running for office anymore can speak her truth.

Here is a statement she released following the Cherry controversy.

I would like to make an official statement regarding the Don Cherry comments.
I have noticed a decline of Canadians participating in the Armistice Day Services and wearing of the Poppy.
That is what angered Don Cherry to make the comments he made on Hockey Night in Canada.
He is proud of his country and supports all Canadians. All through his life he has supported the Armed Forces and Veterans and especially on Hockey Night in Canada.
I hope that the management and staff of Sportsnet wore the Poppy.
Hazel McCallion C.M., LL.D, B.A.Sc

As expected, following the televised “you people” comments he made, longtime hockey commentator Don Cherry was ousted as co-host of Coach’s Corner. By now everyone has heard of his observation that new immigrants don’t wear poppies and implied they don’t support veterans.

Many South Asian politicians used this controversy to air their own thoughts on the issue. Brampton wards 9 and 10 Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon tweeted: “I’m done trying to explain to people like @CoachsCornerDC that yes we too are Canadian, and that ‘us people’ also sacrificed for the same freedom for all, side by side with other brave soldiers, even though we ourselves weren’t afforded the same opportunities and freedoms.”

Lost in all this apparent grief over Cherry’s observation is the facts of the matter. No one in the media seems to be asking whether Don Cherry made a correct observation. Apparently, the facts don’t matter as much as words. -CINEWS


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