Headley identified voices of 26/11 terror attackers: Nikam

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Mumbai, Feb. 13 (ANI): Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam in the 26/11 case, on Saturday said David Coleman Headley has identified the voices of the three terror attackers of 26/11 during his deposition which entered its sixth day today.

“Today I played a CD, which contained the conversation between the attackers and the handlers. Immediately, David Headley had identified three voices, i.e. Abu Kafa, Abu al Qama and Sajid Mir,” Nikam told the media here.

“On the sixth day, David Headley gave evidence on the basis of certain documentary evidence. I invited Headley’s attention to various emails. Though the emails were in a coded language, I did ask him as to what has been communicated to him when Headley was in US, that nothing will happen against Hafiz Saeed as well as Zakhiur-Rehman Lakhvi,” he added.

Nikam further stated that on being asked whether Major Iqbal and Sameer Ali of Pakistan ISI and Major Abdur Rehman Pasha were arrested in the conspiracy of terror attack of 26th November, Headley said that ‘according to his knowledge, they were never arrested’.

“I asked David Headley how many times he visited Pakistan after 26/11, he said ‘number of times’. I asked him whether Sajid Mir was given a cautious warning to which he agreed, but Headley was apprehending that either he will be arrested in India after the terror attack or in Pakistan on the ground that his involvement,” he added.

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Nikam also pointed out that Headley had clarified, that after 26/11 the ISI and the LeT had planned to attack the National Defence College and Indian Army’s Southern Command.

Nikam further stated that Headley has revealed that the investigation done by Pakistani agency and the Federal Investigation Agency on the 26/11 attacks, was nothing short of a farce and the LeT and Al Qaida commanders were sure that nothing will happen to those being investigated or arrested by the federal agency.

“From the documentary evidence of Headley, it makes it very clear as to how the action against the perpetrators of the terror attack of 26/11 is superficial and how Hafiz Saeed and Zaki-ur Rehman has been protected and in fact Hafiz Saeed has never been made an accused in the said terror attack of 26/11,” Nikam said.

Nikam revealed that Headley has made it clear that Lakhvi had never disclosed the former’s name in Pakistan after his arrest.

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“So, he was well-protected and that is the reason as to why David Headley had made frequent visits. He was further used by Pakistani LeT for planning to attack the newspaper in Denmark,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nikam told ANI that the deposition has been adjourned as Abu Jundal’s lawyer Wahab Khan has sought time to cross-examine Headley.

“The deposition on my part has ended, but I will be present at the cross-examination to raise objections if the need arises,” Nikam said.

Headley earlier today said that Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhavi’s son was killed while fighting against Indian troops in Indian occupied Kashmir.

He further revealed that he interacted with Rajaram Rege via email when he was in Pakistan and the US, adding that he had sent the conversation to Dr. Rana for him to see how they can use Rajaram Rege.

He further said that in May 2008, he had sent a mail to Major Iqbal and also gave him brief information about Rajaram Rege to him, adding that Major Iqbal had aksed him to keep Rege engaged in seminars and conferences in the U.S.

“On 20th May 2008, I sent a mail enclosing the mail of Rajaram Rege dated 19 May to Sajid Mir (LeT). I wrote to Sajid Mir “Jaldi reply karo, Rege ka message aaya tha, Rah-e-Amal (Line of action) decide karo. On 22 May 2008, I sent a mail to Abdur Rehman Pasha regarding Rajaram Rege. On 25th May 2008, I received a mail from Sajid Mir (LeT).The mail also mentioned the name “Bala and son”,” Headley said.

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When asked by Nikam about what he meant by “Bala and son”, Headley replied ” Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray and son Uddhav”.

“On July 10,2009 when I was in Chicago,Sajid Mir sent me mail that he has some investment plan(another location for attack in India). Sajid Mir also mentioned that “this is not in your friend Rahul’s (Rahul Bhatt) city (Mumbai) but some other part,” he said.

Headley admitted that Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan never arrested Sajid Mir, Major Iqbal and him. He also admitted before the court that nobody made an enquiry about him till he was arrested by FBI in Chicago on October 3, 2009.

He revealed that Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhavi’s son was killed while fighting against Indian troops in Indian occupied Kashmir.

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