Hearing on hold in 50 Cent’s money-pose case

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New Delhi, Mar. 10 (ANI): The hearing in regard to 50 cent’s social media poses with giant wads of money has ended, but the judge yet did not rule on whether or not an examiner will be needed to review his assets.

50 Cent showed up in a Hartford, CT court on March 9 to face the judge over this case, wherein the 40-year-old rapper claimed in the docs that the dough is just prop money he uses to keep up his image as a rich mogul, reports TMZ.com.

The judge did not comment about the ‘fake’ money pics that prompted his creditors to demand an examiner.

Whatever it be, if 50 Cent’s this reason is considered, it is of course pretty bold of the ‘Candy Shop’ rapper to post such a shot. (ANI)

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