Heartbreak a serious issue, needs more attention: Author Shyam Seth (IANS Interview)

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New Delhi, May 28 (IANS) With every unsuccessful love story, there comes a phase when dealing with normal life becomes a task. What follows is a heartbreak that leads to several other health concerns – physically and psychologically.

Psychiatrist Shyam Seth’s latest book “How to Heal Your Broken Heart” (available on the Juggernaut Books app for Android and iOS) brings in the vital issue of consequences of heartbreak which, he thinks, is not much highlighted and is often ignored, even by doctors.

“Heartbreak is a very common and serious issue which leads to problems, even suicides, and yet no doctors talk about it as such because they think that heartbreak is a trivial thing. I felt this is a very serious thing which needs very in-depth understanding. I would like to help people not only recover from heartbreaks but also become stronger as a result,” Seth told IANS in an interview.

“The book is not just about getting over heartbreak but also on how to better become a stronger and loving human being,” he added.

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The book, according the author, will make readers understand that they are not alone and that heartbreak is an experience that many have had.

“Readers will get concrete steps on how to get over a breakup and how to become who they truly are. After going through the book, a reader will turn into a stronger and mature human being and be happier,” Seth said.

Seth felt that readers will largely connect to the book as heartbreaks are a major issue now.

“Today, a young person cannot openly share his/her emotions with parents or friends. My book is an attempt to help those who are dealing with heart breaks and want to overcome,” added Seth, who claims to have helped Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone come out of a bout of depression.

Seth has also focussed on the problems that heartbreaks can cause to the brain, mind, body and spirit.

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“Heartbreak leads to many changes mostly affecting sleep, energy levels and concentration. Anger, depression, regret, guilt, shame and hopelessness are some psychological problems that one might have to go through. As far as the body is concerned, the immune system, heart problems and high blood pressure are some other problems that one might have to face,” Seth pointed out.

The psychiatrist has also talked about how break-ups can lead to the hormonal changes that start with the release of cortisol, a stress hormone.

Though heartbreaks are mostly common among youngsters and teenagers, Seth added that there is no age-limit for heartbreaks.

“People can have a heartbreak at any age. Older people are more mature more to handle breakups. They remain involved in other work. The first time there is a heartbreak is perhaps the most powerful experience. I want to ensure through my book that if people experience heartbreaks it does not take them down, rather it gives positive hope,” Seth stated.

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Asked about the reason for frequent breakups and less stability in relationships, the author pointed to technology playing the role of the devil.

“Commitment has come down and technology has made it really easy to find a new partner quickly. People tend to compare their partners on social media. Both men and women are now not committed as they used to be. In today’s modern world, commitment becomes a harder issue. Because people are not committing, relationships are fragile and heartbreaks are common,” Seth replied.

Seth has also guided readers on ways that can help overcome a heartbreak.

“Anything that is pleasurable like eating chocolates or drinking wine does work, but temporarily. It is very important that one talks to someone to express his/her feelings. If not vocal then write down your emotions. And, avoid stalking your ex on social media,” Seth suggested.

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