Hectic diplomatic efforts cleared path for Chhota Rajan’s extradition

By Ashok Dixit

Jakarta, Nov. 3 (ANI): A quick and coordinated effort by the Indian agencies have resulted in all decks being cleared for gangster Rajendra Nikalje alias Chhota Rajan’s extradition to India.

India’s Ambassador to Indonesia Gurjit Singh reiterated today that the law would take its own course with regard to the possible extradition or deportation of Rajan, and added that the case is being handled by the concerned Indonesian authorities and an Indian investigative team that has been sent from New Delhi.

Ambassador Singh, who briefly interacted with the Indian media accompanying Vice President Ansari on his official visit to Indonesia and Brunei on board his special aircraft, said that apart from counsellor access given to Rajan, the embassy really had no active role to play in the case.

He said that the Indonesian and Indian authorities were cooperating with each other on the case and added that a decision would be made at the appropriate time as to when Rajan would be sent back to India.

When asked as to why Rajan had chosen to land in Bali, Indonesia, instead of any other part of the world, Ambassador Singh said, “I don’t know.”

He also revealed that there were certain formalities which the Indonesian authorities had to complete with regard to Interpol and their own criminal justice system before releasing Rajan into Indian custody at the appropriate time and place.

Ambassador Singh said that notwithstanding the bilateral extradition agreement that was in place, New Delhi did have other means at its disposal to have an Indian criminal living abroad brought back to India for facing trial and other judicial procedures.

There are reports that suggest that Rajan could be sent back to Delhi on Tuesday evening or by Wednesday morning.

A six-member team of Mumbai and Delhi (Special Cell) police as well as CBI officials has been interacting with Rajan, who was taken out of the Denpasar lockup to the police headquarters.

Fifty-five-year-old Rajan is reportedly wanted in more than 75 offences of murder, gangland killings, extortion and drug trafficking in Mumbai.

Delhi Police have seven cases registered against him and his associates. Rajan has been on the run from the law for nearly two decades. He has resided in places like Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Australia and finally Indonesia, where he was caught while moving on passport under a fictitious name of Mohan Kumar. (ANI)

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