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Washington, July 3(ANI): Twitter has upgraded Audience Insights with new demographic data, buying behavior and more.

According to thenextweb.com, Twitter is introducing something they call ‘personas,’ which are quick ways to categorize audiences based on similar attributes. Some of these include ‘millenials’, ‘baby boomers’ and ‘business decision-makers’.

Then the brands can quickly target them in a campaign with just one click, though they can refine the audience within each persona.

Also, the Insights dashboard now allows the users to directly access information such as who has visited their website and who have installed, purchased or signed-up for particular apps. Twitter has been collecting that information for a while, but now it is available to be interpreted straight from the Insights dashboard.

The new feature is available on ads.twitter.com. When on the website, click on ‘Audience insights’ from the analytics menu, otherwise click on Followers on analytics.twitter.com.

‘Personas’ are currently available in the US only, but Twitter says it is looking to roll them out in other places. (ANI)

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