Henson quashes feud rumours with `Empire` co-star Howard with hilarious video

Washington D.C., Oct.8 (ANI): After the rumours started swirling that Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard were clashing on the ‘Empire’ set, the actress took to social media to shut down the feud rumours.

The 45-year-old actress took to her Instagram page to quash the rumours with her co-star Howard and shared the hilarious video alongside caption, “HA! Word on THA street is Terrence and I don’t get along! Like I would fight to work with someone I DO NOT get along with?!Don’t be silly”, E! Online reports.

The feisty video shows the ‘Baby Boy’ actress and the 46-year-old actor mocking their quarrel rumours with a hilarious act.

In the clip, Henson, who pretended to have an argument, said “You know what, I’m sick of you. You’re such a diva. Since I got you this job, you think you’re all that who do you think you are?”

Through this funny clip, Henson and Howard wanted to tell that all is well between the two. (ANI)

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