Here are dos and don’ts for interviewing

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Melbourne, April 5 (ANI): It seems musician and tech mogul has a really strange interview method, at least the revelation on Twitter says so.

In a covert snapshot, originally posted by a journalist named Harry Wallop, are a list of instructions to the media ahead of chatting to the ‘Black Eyed Peas performer’, reports

Said to be supplied to the press prior to an interview with the celebrity in his LA office, which he calls ‘The Future’, the PR instructions include details on how and when to ask questions to Will.

Excerpts include, “Your access to The Future is you alone (one person only). We regret that relatives, friends, interns and such cannot participate with you.”

“Questions should be one sentence, straightforward questions,” it also said.

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“Refrain from editorialising about the subject/theme prior to asking a question that will clutter the conversation,” said other point.

“Do not ask him to react to what other outlets have written about him in the past,” it added.

“If he asks you to repeat or restate a question, this indicates that you need to ask crisper, more direct questions,” is one of the points of instruction., whose real name is William Adams, is currently promoting his latest tech product, a ‘smart watch’ called ‘dial’, which will be released by his company in the UK on April 22. (ANI)

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