Here are some tips to prevent and treat back pain

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People who sit for long periods of time have a greater risk of developing back pain and even more serious issues like a lumbar disc herniation. When we spend time sitting at a desk, craning our neck toward the computer or tilting our head to cradle a phone while typing, muscles tighten up and pull the upper lumbar spine forward, resulting in uneven distribution of upper-body weight along the arch of the spine.

When we move, soft discs between vertebrae expand and contract like sponges, soaking up fresh blood and nutrients. But when we sit for a long time, discs are squashed unevenly. Collagen hardens around tendons and ligaments, which makes our spine inflexible.

All of these can contribute to poor biomechanics, which often leads to chronic neck and back pain. While reducing sitting time and maintaining good posture will help prevent these issues, most people will require pain relief treatment which will allow them to move more comfortably while changing their daily routine.

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Pain Management

Recent warnings from the FDA regarding common pain medications have changed people’s approach to pain management. Patients and healthcare practitioners alike are increasingly seeking natural pain-management alternatives that do not carry the side effects associated with medications. A popular treatment option that meets this need involves the use of non-thermal laser therapy. A growing body of research has shown that this technology accelerates the natural healing process.

Non-thermal laser therapy uses very specific wavelengths designed to promote tissue healing, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation at a cellular level. In collaboration with senior scientists and researchers at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Theralase has developed state-of-the-art technology that delivers a precise amount of light energy to the target tissue while customizing treatments for each patient. It is known as Light Speed Healing.

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Light Speed Healing is currently used by thousands of healthcare practitioners including physicians and surgeons, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and foot specialists, across the globe, to compliment existing hands-on healing practices.

More about the benefits of non-thermal laser therapy is available at – NewsCanada

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