Here`s how memes can get you fired

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Melbourne, Mar. 10 (ANI): If you want to photoshop your manager’s photos or edit some famous quotes to match your latest workplace grievances, then this story might make you rethink.

A series of memes circulated among a small circle of colleagues has led to the sacking of a West Australian University employee, reports

James Mitton, a senior administrative officer at the University of Western Australia’s school of indigenous studies, was dismissed from his position earlier this month.

The saga began in December when the institution’s vice chancellor, Paul Johnson, told the staff just weeks before Christmas that 300 of them would lose their jobs in the new year.

Following the announcement, Mitton shared a series of edited pictures with three of his colleagues.

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One of the photoshopped memes was created in the style of a greeting card, with the Grinch-like message: “Season’s Greetings, I hope you’re employable elsewhere in 2016.”

Another meme depicted the vice-chancellor with devil’s fangs posing in front of a pit of fire, while the third saw Mr Johnson’s face superimposed over a movie poster with the tagline: “Pledged to crush.”

Mr. Mitton was suspended without pay on February 9 over the emails. The letter cited “inappropriate and disrespectful photos” and said referring to the university as “evil” contributed to his alleged “serious misconduct.”

It was Mr. Mitton’s reaction to this letter that led human resources to send a second on March 3, this time a letter of dismissal, again for “serious misconduct”. (ANI)

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