Highest median entry wages of immigrant tax filers in 2015

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Immigrants who landed in 2014 filed taxes on incomes that averaged $24,000 in 2015, the highest on record for immigrants who have landed since 1981, according to a report released on Tuesday by Statistics Canada.

Median entry wages are measured as the median wages one year after landing (e.g., their admission to Canada as permanent residents). The median entry wages of the 2013 cohort were $22,000, while they were $18,400 for those who landed in 2000.

Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB), an administrative database came up with this data. It factors in the progress of immigrants across different admission categories, such as the Canadian Experience Class, Family Class or Refugees.

It considers the challenges faced by immigrants such as recognition of foreign credentials or the ability to speak at least one of the official languages. Although increasing over the last few years, the median wages of recent immigrants remain lower than those of the Canadian population. For the Canadian-born population, the 2016 Census estimated the 2015 median wages at $36,000, compared to $35,000 for the immigrant population.

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But immigrants coming in on the Canadian Experience Class program fared better. In 2015, immigrant tax filers who landed in 2014 as principal applicants under the Canadian Experience Class admission category had the highest median wages of all groups who landed that year, at $53,000. This is comparable with that of other immigrant cohorts since 2009, when immigrants were first admitted in the Canadian Experience Class. In 2014, the number and proportion of Canadian Experience Class immigrants increased greatly. For example, from the 2013 cohort, 3.1% of tax filers (3,660 immigrants) with wages one year after landing came from that admission category, while for the 2014 cohort, this proportion was 9.4% (12,150 immigrants).

By comparison, among other economic immigrant categories in the 2014 cohort, provincial and territorial nominees and skilled workers had median wages of $37,000 and $26,000, respectively.
Wages increase with the number of years since admission to Canada. – CINEWS

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