Highlights of PM Modi’s Mann ki Baat

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New Delhi, Jan. 31 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sharing his thoughts with the nation on the 16th edition of his `Mann Ki Baat` programme. Here are the highlights of his address:

– Mann ki Baat has bound me with you so tightly that I feel strong urge to share it with you, whatever I see or think.

– Yesterday, I went to Rajghat to pay homage to revered Bapu. This event is organised every year in honour of the martyrs.

– Exactly at 11 a.m., we observe a two-minute silence to remember the sacrifice, valour and patriotism of great men and women who were martyred for the country.

– However, there are many amongst us, who must not have joined in this prayer. Don`t you think that this should become a part of our nature? We should consider it our national duty.

– I know that this is not going to happen through my `Mann ki Baat` alone

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– However, I want to share what I felt yesterday. These are the thoughts which inspire us to live for the country.

– Can you imagine that impact it will create when 1.25 billion people will together observe two-minute silence in honour of the martyrs.

– You can easily imagine what tremendous energy this single event will generate.

– We will all march together, speak together and let our minds unite.

– This is the true strength of our country and such events provide life blood to this strength.

– I was recently reading Sardar Patel. One this impressed me a lot, referring to Khadi, he said India`s independence is manifested in Khadi.

– India`s civilization is represented in Khadi and `Ahimsa` or non-violence, which we consider as our foremost value, is reflected in Khadi. Welfare of farmer, for whom we all are so concerned, is also inherent in Khadi.

– Sardar Patel was in the habit of giving effective message in simple language.

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– He has brought out the importance of Khadi in an effe4ctive manner.

– Yesterday, on the occasion of the Martyrdom Day of revered Bapu, I tried to reach out through letters, to as many as possible people involved with Khadi and village industry.

– Beloved Bapu was an advocate of science and I too used technology to reach lakhs of people.

– Khadi has now become a symbol, a distinct identity in itself. Now, Khadi is becoming a centre of attraction for the youth too.

– Especially for those who prefer organic and holistic health, Khadi has become a great option. Khadi has made place for itself in the field of fashion too.

– I laud the people associated with Khadi for their enormous efforts to bring freshness in Khadi. It has become essential for Khadi to find a space in the markets too besides occupying emotional space.

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– Khadi has a potential to provide employment to millions of people. Recently, several government institutions such as Railways, Police Department, Indian Navy and the postal department of Uttarakhand have taken good initiatives towards promoting the use of Khadi.

– These days the experiment to power the spinning wheel with Solar energy has been very successful.

– It has not only reduced labour and increased production, but has also brought a qualitative improvement.

– We all celebrated 26th January with great fervor and enthusiasm. In the midst of terror threat all around, people showed courage, grit and celebrated the Republic day with pride.

– In Gujarat and Haryana, the two states did a novel experiment. This year in Government schools, they invited the most educated daughters of the village, for flag hoisting.

– Haryana and Gujarat, by giving importance to daughters, especially educated daughters, have given an excellent example of `Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao`.(ANI)

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