Highlights of spectrum trading norms (With: Now, India approves spectrum trading norms)

* Spectrum trading will be allowed only between two access service providers only outright transfer of right to use the spectrum from the seller to the buyer shall be permitted

* Both the licensees trading the spectrum have to jointly give a prior intimation for trading the right to use the spectrum at least 45 days before the proposed effective date of the trading

* Spectrum trading shall be permitted only on a pan-LSA (Licensed Service Area) basis

* The seller shall clear all his dues prior to entering into any agreement for spectrum trading

* All access spectrum bands earmarked for access services by the licensor will be treated as tradable spectrum bands

* A telecom service provider will be allowed to sell the spectrum through trading only after two years from the date of its acquisition

* A non-refundable transfer fee of one percent of the transactional amount or one percent of the prescribed market price

* The buyer should be in compliance of the prescribed spectrum caps from time to time

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