Hillary Clinton declares that Donald Trump is ISIS’s best recruiter

Los Angeles, December 20 (CINEWS): The three Democratic presidential candidates could all agree on at least one thing at the third debate on Dec. 19 in New Hampshire: that Donald Trump, 69 cannot be tolerated. Leading candidate Hillary Clinton, 68, took plenty of jabs at the Republican frontrunner, but most shockingly she put The Donald on blast for “demonizing” Muslims, claiming his antagonizing will force radicalization.hillary-clinton-and-donald-trump_650x400_41450589430

Hillary has always been critical of Donald’s policy ideas, especially his plan to deport all illegal immigrants, and prevent all Muslims from entering the country if he becomes president. However, she took it to a new level on Dec. 19 at the third Democratic debate, where she accused him of “demonizing” Muslim Americans. “We have to work with them not demonize them as the republicans are doing,” said Hillary, claiming that treating Muslims like criminals will force them to radicalize.
“He is becoming Isis’ best recruiter,” she continued vehemently. She explained that she knows that Isis is using Donald in training videos for recruits to show the evils of Americans. That is genuinely terrifying, if true. Hillary’s criticism of Donald has switched from a mocking tone to genuine concern, and we can’t blame her.

Hillary lashed out at Donald during his Nov. 10 Republican debate when she tweeted out, “The idea that the US will deport 11 million people is absurd. We should not be in the business of tearing families apart. #GOPdebate.” She responded similarly to his plan to refuse Muslims U.S. entry on Dec. 7, saying “This is reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive. @RealDonaldTrump, you don’t get it. This makes us less safe.”
Hillary is currently leading Bernie Sanders, 74, by over 30%, in the polls, and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley by even more. The competition is much stiffer than the Republican debates, facing off three very competant candidates who actually have plenty of time to talk. We were thrilled to learn more about each one’s stances, and to hear what they had to say about one of their future competition.

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