`His generation’s Bill Cosby` Dr. Luke `threatened` Kesha to lie under oath

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Washington D.C., Feb. 24 (ANI): A recent update in the Kesha-Dr. Luke legal war says that the 28-year-old actress lied under oath as she was threatened by Dr. Luke.

Earlier, the ‘Tik Tok’ hit-maker swore that Dr. Luke never had sex with her, much less raped her, but now, her lawyer claims that it was said under pressure, reports TMZ.com.

Mark Geragos said that portions of Kesha’s 2011 deposition were not what they seemed, adding that before the deposition, Luke threatened to destroy Kesha’s life and the lives of her family “if she didn’t cover up his sexual assault.”

The lawyer also says Luke threatened her physical safety and she thought he was rich and powerful enough to make good on the threat.

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Geragos ended his statement saying, “He’s pathetic vermin” and termed him to be “his generation’s Bill Cosby.”

Comedian Bill Cosby has been booked for a defamation lawsuit brought against him by seven women, who say he sexually assaulted them decades ago.(ANI)

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