Hoax bomb scare delays flight at Bengaluru Airport

Bengaluru, Sept. 5 (ANI): Three flights were screened on Saturday after a hoax bomb threat was received early in the morning at the Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (KIAB).

“Three aircrafts operated by Lufthansa Airlines (LH 755), Saudi Aradia airlines (SV 5643) and Air France (AF 191) had to be screened for security, in line with the airport’s constant commitment towards passenger safety and as prescribed by the guidelines laid out by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. The aircrafts of these airlines have been thoroughly screened and were declared safe for operations,” said BIAL spokesperson.

While the Lufthansa Airlines and the Saudi Arabia airlines departed, the Air France flight has been rescheduled at 22:15 hours tonight. All other flight operations continued to be normal at KIAB.

The airport authorities were put on alert after receiving bomb threats about six international flights in Delhi and Bengaluru.

As per reports, the Indira Gandhi International Airport received a call claiming that there were bombs in three international flights of Delhi and three of Bengaluru. (ANI)

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