Hollywood targeting Asian markets

Matt Damon..The Great Wall to merge Hollywood and the Asian Cinema.

Matt Damon..The Great Wall to merge Hollywood and the Asian Cinema.

Hollywood has been targeting the large Asian market for quite some time now.

Not only are they picking Indian actors and actresses to feature in big banner Hollywood movies, they are also setting their eyes on the unexplored movie markets in China.

In such a recent development, Matt Damon’s upcoming big banner movie, The Great Wall serves as the merger between the Hollywood and the Asian Cinema, when the two worlds joined hands in promotion of the movie trailer on Thursday.

In the movie, Matt Damon will share screen alongside Chinese superstar Andy Lau, which is directed by the House of Flying Daggers fame Chinese director Zhang Yimou, the film-maker who is renowned to make Asian crossover films. The Great Wall, is all set to release in China in December this year, and it will be released in February next year in the US said the director.

The movie will demonstrate Yimou’s style martial arts and the story is concentrated around the all the debated mysterious origins of The Great Wall of China, and its original purpose. China’s stubborn censorship laws have always restricted many Hollywood movies to be released in Mainland China and therefore to counter this issue, Hollywood studios are now co-producing movies with the Chinese investors.

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