Homosexuality as legitimate as conventional sexuality: Manish Tewari on ‘Aligarh’ ban

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New Delhi, Feb. 28 (ANI): Amid the ban called in Aligarh over the Manoj Bajpayee starrer ‘Aligarh’, Congress leader Manish Tewari on Sunday that it was unfortunate that some ‘bigots’ were not able to deal with the theme of the movie and asserted that homosexuality is as legitimate an orientation as conventional sexuality.

“It’s extremely sad that some bigots in Aligarh are not able to deal with this movie. The fact is that homosexuality is as legitimate an orientation as conventional sexuality is and it’s high time that we as a country and as a people learn to deal with it,” Tewari told ANI.

Stating that it was not right to ban a movie due to personal choice, he said that it was against the freedom of ‘listening, speaking and seeing’.

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“Action should be taken on such people as this has happened before and it is not a good practice. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to, but you have no right to demands a ban on it,” Tewari added.

Meanwhile, the critically-acclaimed film, Aligarh, which is based on Professor Ramchandra Siras who was suspended from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in 2010 after he was filmed, having consensual sex with a man, has been objected by a group called the Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC) in Aligarh. (ANI)

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