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New Delhi, July 4 (ANI): With Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) supremo Sharad Pawar stating that the surrender proposal of 1993 blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim was rejected as it was conditional, the Congress Party on Saturday took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asked whether he would be ready to get former IPL boss Lalit Modi back.

“Dawood is a criminal, whatever he did cannot be tolerated. It is the duty of Government of India to bring him back. PM Modi has said it many times that he will bring back Dawood Ibrahim. But today, I feel that first he should bring back Lalit Modi”, said Congress leader Rashid Alvi today.

Rashid Alvi said that the Government of India should bring back Lalit Modi and Dawood also. “The whole country is waiting for that and they should be handed over to the law,” Rashid Alvi said.

“Dawood is a criminal and he should be brought back at any cost. It is the duty of the PM to bring him back,” he added.

The Congress leader further said that Pakistan should be pressurized and Dawood should be brought back.

Earlier today, Pawar said that senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani’s proposition regarding the surrender of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim was not viable as a criminal like him could not be left without being arrested.

“Ram Jethmalani gave a proposition thats true, but it was conditional. Condition was that after Dawood comes to Bombay he will not be arrested but permitted to stay at home. How could we accept that? A man, who has so many cases against him, cannot escape from the clutches of law,” Pawar told the media here. (ANI)

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