‘Hotel Beautifool’ to release in early 2016

New Delhi, Sep 14 (IANS) Sameer Iqbal Patel’s directorial debut “Hotel Beautifool”, based on the popular Hindi play “Baat Baat Mein Bigdey Haalaat”, will release worldwide in early 2016.

“The wait is finally over! The play had received a lot of appreciations and I wish the film does too,” Iqbal Patel said in statement.

“Hotel Beautifool” features Rejith Menon, Johnny Lever, Brijendra Kala, Imam Siddique, Aisha Farrer, Rohit Khurana, Sagarika Chhetri, Subha Rajput, Shaanti, Sandip Gosh and Anu Walhe in important roles.

The film is currently under post production, and it will release under the Umbrella Film Corporation and Madhire Film Corporation banners.

After “Hotel Beautifool”, Iqbal Patel will work on his next script, a black comedy “Tata Goodbye”.

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