Hotels aren’t expected to fill up during Pan Am Games


The Pan Am Games may well turn out to be a disappointment for hoteliers and retailers in Toronto after all. With less than three weeks away, hoteliers say are convinced they won’t be able to fill up those rooms.
The Pan Am organizing committee for example cancelled 60 per cent of the rooms at the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel.RenaissanceHotel
Other hotels report a similar experience with their Pan Am contracts.
Some have even dropped the Pan Am bookings altogether because they weren’t filling up.
In a statement released Wednesday morning, Pan Am organizers said they worked with the Greater Toronto Hotel Association, Tourism Toronto and other tourism agencies to decide on the January release date for rooms — a plan they say was widely shared.
These rooms were intended for people like broadcasters, press and National Olympic Committee members — not for games visitors or spectators.
Meanwhile hoteliers are worried because the regular tourists may have decided to give Toronto a skip expecting sky high hotel rates and crowds which would make it difficult to get around.
Now at this last moment, it all seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding. Hoteliers and businesses in the city who were expecting to make a tidy windfall during the Pan Am Games may now be lucky if they can simply break even.

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