HOV lanes benefit GO Transit


While beleaguered motorists dealing with snarling traffic jams on the QEW groan and complain about it, GO Transit riders couldn’t be more elated. Before the new PanAm HOV lanes appeared, there were delays of upto 20 minutes on average. Now regular riders are startled when they arrive on time or even before schedule. Some have enough time to grab a coffee and a donut before heading into work.
Motorists dealing with even more traffic in their lanes can’t wait for the games to end, GO bus riders are meanwhile going to miss the HOV lanes once the games end.
Don’t be surprised if there is a move to permanently keep these HOV lanes if that would persuade more motorists to ditch their vehicles and jump into GO buses or carpool instead.
But the relief may be shortlived once the Games get underway. There will be several Games-related road closures that will affect city roads from Pearson to the Rogers Centre today.

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