How Anu Vittal unwinds over the weekend

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Mississauga, April 15 (CINEWS): She is the Executive Director of the Mississauga Arts Council. A rare brown face in a sea of white, since taking over the reigns at MAC, Anu Vittal has done much to be inclusive, she is all for promoting the arts and encouraging people of color to express their creativity. She’s multi-faceted and wears many hats- she’s a painter, a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman who is now in a position to mentor others. She’s the kind of person who makes the best of every moment, values time. Despite often short of time, she’s known to make time for the things and people that matter.

Do you have any Saturday traditions?
I like to make a traditional Indian breakfast be it idli-vada, poha, besan ka chila. For me just starting the day with a fresh homemade meal is wonderful. It’s a luxury I cannot afford on most days so I very much enjoy going back to my roots and spending time doing what I love cooking….on my sometimes “relaxing supposedly no work” Saturday.

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How do you unwind?
I like to read, paint , watch programs of my current interest on the internet, meditate, exercise – run, preferably outdoors or ride my bike ride.

Do you eat out on weekends?
I enjoy cooking and love good food – you cannot have one without the other. I guess they go hand in hand. Sometimes I will try something new at a restaurant then a week later try making it at home.
I love the concept and challenge of creating a wonderful dish with my own unique touch.

Which is your favorite restaurant in the GTA?
I don’t really have one favorite, but many come to mind and they vary with each cuisine – I love Italian, Hakka Chinese, Turkish, Lebanese and when it comes to Indian cusine – I like chaat or street food at the Mississauga-based restaurants called Sindhi and Jaalsa.

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Do you explore the city from time to time. Do you have any favorite spots?
Many times I will take a drive to an area I have never visited or go for a walk in Toronto and pretend to be a tourist aimlessly exploring the neighborhood. There is no greater joy than the surprising revelation of the unexplored hole in the wall eatery or pub where you sit down, nurse a drink watch the world go by.

Where do you live in Mississauga and what makes your neck in the woods so special?
I live in Lorne Park by Lake Ontario. I think water makes me happy and soothes my spirits. I like being in nature among trees, swans and all things beautiful. It often reminds of the childhood fairytale- The Ugly Duckling and the Swan when I walk around my favorite trails and lanes around the lake.

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Do you catch up on movies, friends, hobbies anything on weekends?
Yes movies and friends – close ones. I don’t have very much time but usually a few hours and for me weekdays and weekends have no meaning as I work 24/7. I work with whatever fits in my schedule and I always make time for my friends, all they need is to ask.

What’s your philosophy in life?
My whole idea of life is to live from within. Living life inside out and right side up. Simple, spiritual and easy enjoying the beauty of each moment as it evolves.

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