How climate change may offset 50 yrs of health progress

London, Jun 25 (ANI): A new study has suggested that climate change can possibly erase 50 years of health advancements.

University College London’s Anthony Costello said that climate change has the potential to reverse the health gains from economic development that has been made in recent decades.

He added that it will be done not just through the direct effects on health from a changing and more unstable climate, but through indirect means such as increased migration and reduced social stability.

The scientists advised that taking steps to minimize or adapt to climate change, such as reducing air pollution or eating a healthy diet, could have significant health benefits for people around the world.

Costello noted that by making adjustments to climate change now, people can also benefit health and tackling climate change in fact represents one of the greatest opportunities to benefit human health for generations to come.

The report described several ways to address climate change that it said could have immediate health benefits for people around the world, like, reducing fossil fuel emissions, walking or biking, instead of driving, and eating a healthier diet and less red meat.

The study appears in journal The Lancet. (ANI)


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