How George Lucas browned off original Darth Vader

Melbourne, Dec 14 (ANI): The man behind Darth Vader’s mask has revealed why he remains angry with ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas.

Brit David Prowse, who claims that his health, career and marriage have all suffered since playing the iconic villain in the original blockbuster movie trilogy, has refused to watch the new flick ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ reported.

The 80-year-old actor, who battles severe memory loss and gets around in a wheelchair after a leg operation, said that he has got only one favourite memory of filming ‘Star Wars’ and that is when his very first cheque arrived.

The former bodybuilder and Commonwealth Games weightlifter, who doesn’t even own Darth Vader’s mask anymore, added that no one bothered to contact him about the new movie and he doesn’t care.

The 6ft 6in actor noted that he is a shadow of his former self as he can barely walk and struggle to even remember what he did yesterday, adding “My wife won’t have anything to do with Darth Vader and says Star Wars has been an intrusion into our life.”

He said that he doesn’t know what went wrong with Lucas, but all he knows that he is one of the film’s best characters. “It was Darth Vader people talked about the most, not Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher. Those behind the film cut me out and have continued to ignore me for years. So do I have any interest in watching the new movie? No, I don’t.”

David fell out with director Lucas after he was accused of leaking the crucial plot twist that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father before the release of 1980 sequel ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’

He still starred in ‘Return Of The Jedi,’ but in 2010 was banned from official Star Wars conventions when their relationship soured further. The final straw was believed to be when David appeared in the 2010 anti-Lucas documentary The People vs. George Lucas. (ANI)

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