How joining a beauty pageant changed one girl’s life

Mississauga, March 4 (CINEWS): Meet Isha Gupta, the 16-year-old who simply started to ooze confidence ever since she participated in the Miss Teenage Peel 2015 where she was awarded Miss Teen People’s Choice Award in the final round of Miss Teenage Canada, she will now represent Ontario at the American Beauty Pageant this June in Florida. She currently holds the title of Miss Teen Ontario American Beauty. She came to Canada with her familyteen when she was 9. It was hard fitting in- her accent set her apart, so did her cursive writing, clothes and demeanour. “I got picked on a lot initially but by grade 6, I started to fit in,” she said. Today she’s simply the Canadian next door. We shoot her a few questions.

Is competing in pageants nerve wracking?
It was initially, but soon it built up my self-confidence.

What’s your favorite movie and actor?
It’s “A Walk to Remember”. And my favorite actor is Jennifer Lawrence, I love the confidence she displays in her roles. She’s a role model.

What’s your favorite food?
Not salad for sure. I prefer pizzas and I only tend to watch what I eat when it’s close to pageant competition.

What are the things you really love about Canada?

I really love the people. They are caring and very polite, that’s the first thing that struck me when I arrived here. I also love nature and the environment in general. It’s my home and I love Canada.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
By then I will be 26 and I hope to have my business degree and be in the workplace. I also hope to do a bit of traveling around the world. I love traveling.

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