How kung-fu spared Robert Downey Jr

Los Angeles, December 26 (CINEWS): Robert Downey Jr. utilized “a thorough type of Chinese hand to hand fighting to beat his habit”, it has been guaranteed.Iron Man 3

As indicated by, Eric Oram (presented above with Downey Jr.), who instructs Wing Chun Kung Fu, a “Chinese Boxing Framework”, clarified in a letter how the performing artist had drawn nearer him, looking for help. Oram — who had prepared under Bruce Lee’s tutor — had at first rejected the star’s application 12 years back and trusted Downey Jr’s. habit was a “losing fight”.

A lady who Oram reached even said: “Robert will never show signs of change, nor would he like to”. In any case, Oram still chose to proceed and in his letter has portrayed how the two turned out to be dear companions and worked in more than 17 movies together.

The hand to hand fighting master added that he utilized control to “rewire the on-screen character’s psyche and body”. “It’s hard to perceive the Robert that ventured into my foundation 12 years prior,” he composed.

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