How Robert Downey Jr. helped cast new ‘Spider-man’

Washington DC, June 25 (ANI): It is being said that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are the one behind Tom Holland’s selection as Marvel’s Spider-man, who will make his debut in the movie ‘Captain America: Civil War.’

Tabloid media claims that producer Amy Pascal and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige first had the 50-year-old ‘Iron Man’ star come in to read with the candidates that included stars like Tom Holland, Asa Butterfield, Judah Lewis, Matthew Lintz, Charlie Plummer and Charlie Rowe up for the wall-crawler role, reported Fox news.

The idea behind this was to test the chemistry between the young stars and the veteran Marvel hero.

Later, when the team was facing trouble in deciding between Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe, the 34-year-old ‘Captain America’ star became involved with the casting process, which helped them take the final decision. (ANI)

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