How socks are good for summer season

Mumbai, July 9 (IANS) You may feel hot in the summer, but it’s a good idea to put on a pair of socks to maintain hygiene, says an expert.

Anusha Jain, designer, Bonjour, a multinational socks brand, has shared how socks can help during summers:

* Socks can prevent your feet from tanning in bright sunny days.

* They will also protect your feet from dust and pollution all day.

* Breathable cotton socks during summers help absorb some of the moisture from your feet, while providing a light weight look and feel.

* In hot and humid days, they prevent sweat from rubbing on to your trousers and keeping you in pristine condition.

* Wear wicking socks when exercising outdoors. Unlike cotton, wicking socks take moisture away from skin and help the skin breathe easier. They allow better health, a better environment.

* Not wearing socks with shoes can easily lead to smelly feet as a lot of sweat will be absorbed by the insoles or the uppers of shoes, causing odour.

* Wearing shoes without socks can harm your feet and cause serious foot problems or infection.

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