How technology affects travel industry

Washington DC, Jul 1 (ANI): Travel industry is getting massively disrupted by technology as it connects consumers and providers more and more directly.

Amadeus IT Group’s Dietmar Fauser said in an interview that companies like Airbnb, Inc. get all the press, but his company is also responding to changes in the market, SiliconANGLE reported.

Fauser noted that they are a company providing IT solutions to the travel industry, adding that traditionally, Amadeus is a distribution system, so they link providers and subscribers, like travel agencies, online travel agencies, Travel Management Companies, with the providers that are essentially airlines, hotel chains, car rental companies, cruise lines, whoever has a product to sell.

Improved communication technology in the past decade has widened ways in which travel agencies can communicate with each other and with customers.

High speed internet connections have transformed the way people travel these days. Many travellers say that self-service booking is how they have made their summer travel plans this year. (ANI)

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