How to create the ultimate ‘mingling’ experience

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Hosting a get-together can sometimes be a challenge when you’ve invited friends from different groups and a few coworkers. One of the biggest stresses of inviting different groups of people is planning for everyone to interact and deciding how to keep them entertained. Tom Filippou, executive chef for President’s Choice cooking school, has some great advice to take the pressure off and help get your guests mingling.

Set up different food stations. Instead of putting down platters of food on one table, mix it up with themed stations. Not only does this show thoughtful planning, but it becomes a great conversation piece for your guests. Whether your guests compliment your arrangement skills or discuss your creativity in including a “seacuterie” board, you can take comfort knowing you’ve given them some food for thought.

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Have your guests highlight their uniqueness. While everyone is enjoying their first cocktail, circle around and have everyone mention something unique about themselves. This is a great way for people to share stories and some good laughs. This icebreaker will keep the conversation going until the late hours of the night.

Make some unexpected twists on classic snacks. We all love our classic appetizers like cheese and crackers or chips and dip. But why not surprise guests with an unexpected take on something you know they already love? The PC Olive Tapenade Hummus Roll is something your guests will have never seen before. This slice-and-serve log-shaped hummus with an enticing olive tapenade filling is rolled in a crunchy sesame seed coating.

Don’t have too many seats. Having a seat for each guest can take up too much room and can also make people inclined to stay in one spot. Minimizing the seating forces your guests to mingle, encouraging them to circulate the room and integrate into different groups. – NewsCanada

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