How to take care of oral health

New Delhi, June 24 (IANS) Rinse properly after every meal, reduce your intake of tea or coffee and favour natural vegetables and fruits to take care of your oral health, says an expert.

Gunita Singh (cosmetic and laser dental surgeon) shares how you can maintain oral hygiene in office:

* Rinse thoroughly after every meal either with water or a mouthwash.

* Use floss or an interdental brush after a heavy meal to clean the gaps between the two teeth.

* Use a mouth freshener in case you have heavily garnished meals.

* Avoid sugary snacks (or include them along with your meals).

* Try and munch on natural vegetables and fruits to satisfy your cravings as the fibers in them act as natural cleansers for your teeth.

* You can also eat cheese to end your meal as it increases the salivary flow and reduces the risk of cavities as it cleans the sugar out of your mouth.

* Chewing gums: Sugarless gums are a great aid when you just can’t brush or floss your teeth amidst an important meeting. Moreover, chewing xylitol gums also increase the salivary flow, like cheese, and reduce cavities.

* Reduce your intake of tea or coffee to avoid getting unnecessary stains on teeth.

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