Hrithik hacked into my email account: Kangana

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In an announcement recorded by digital wrongdoing cops on Saturday, performing artist Kangana Ranaut has asserted that it was kindred on-screen character Hrithik Roshan who hacked into her email account. The advancement was affirmed by Kangana’s attorney Rizwan Siddiquee.

The announcement was recorded by cops testing a grumbling documented by on-screen character Hrithik Roshan of a fraud who sent sends from a fake email account in his name.

In an announcement taking after the advancement, Siddiquee said the performer recorded her announcement alongside her sister Rangoli. “The police were to a great degree cheerful to get more data from my customers and learn new things, which were not specified by Hrithik in his FIR. Going ahead, a great deal of things will unfurl and even the point and goal of why Hrithik was coursing a private report to the media to demonstrate his innocence, would get to be self-evident.”

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Siddiquee further asserted that it would now additionally get to be clear why in his prior casual grumbling, Hrithik had not named Kangana and had lied. “The explanations behind postponement in cabin the FIR by Hrithik have turned out to be all the more clear at this point. The announcements were recorded somewhere around 5pm and 8pm,” he included.

The digital wrongdoing cops were to visit Ranaut’s home the past Monday, April 18, to record her announcement and examine her PC and electronic gadgets, yet had put off the visit after her legal counselor had said she was not accessible.

In his FIR, the on-screen character said that on May 24, 2014, at a gathering facilitated by Karan Johar for his birthday, “Ranaut met me and expressed gratitude toward me for welcoming her work in the motion picture ‘Ruler’.” He advised her he had not seen the film and when she let him know about his answer to her sends, he had advised her that that was not his record. The performer had documented the FIR on Walk 25 about mimic under the Data Innovation Act and an offense of swindling under the Indian Punitive Code against an obscure individual. He had documented a dissension to cops in December 2014 about the asserted sham yet specified that it was his “fans” since “he had not wished to stain anybody’s picture,” the protest expressed. Hrithik’s supporter Dipesh Mehta did not react to calls or messages on the advancement.

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