HTC Vive VR headset to cost USD 799

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New Delhi, Feb.29 (ANI): Taiwanese multinational manufacturer of smartphones and tablets, HTC has revealed that its Vive virtual reality headset would cost USD 799 in the US, while it would cost 689 pounds in the UK and 899 Euros across Europe.

The Vive comes with two unique wireless controllers, and two Vive base stations to set up the virtual reality environment, the Verge reported.

The gadget also comes with a Vive Link Box and Vive ear buds.

HTC had announced a virtual reality headset as part of a tie-up with Valve, a leading PC video games publisher, at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Internet giant Google is also reportedly preparing a consumer Virtual Reality headset for a release as early as this year.

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Virtual reality, which can be referred to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, replicates an environment that simulates a physical presence in places in the real world or an imagined world, allowing the user to interact in that world.

Virtual realities artificially create sensory experiences, which can include sight, touch, hearing and smell. (ANI)

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